January 14, 2010

Topics for this show include:

  • Cecile Tebo, Administrator for the New Orleans Police Department Crisis Unit will describe mental health issues when they reach crises stage and what the alternatives can be.
  • LaCordia Naquin, the Outreach Coordinator for the Covenant House New Orleans will talk about New Orleans’ at-risk youth and programs that can help.
  • Roy Glapion, the new Chairman of the Commission for NORD will describe new changes that is expected to bring back its legendary sports, cultural and education programming.
  • Dr. Lauren J. Bierbaum, Director of Research and Evaluation for the Greater New Orleans After School Partnership will talk about the importance of after school activities for our youth.
  • Aretha Frison from the Neighborhoods Partnership Network will give us our Trumpet Tidbits and discuss the Orleans Parish Prison Expansion.
  • And to wrap up our show, Chef Chris Wahnfiedler from Catering d’Orleans and Cafe Roux, will share with us his Potato and Cheese Soup recipe.

You can listen to the show by clicking on the links below:

January 14, 2010 – Part 1
January 14, 2010 – Part 2

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