January 21, 2010

Topics for this show include:

  • Chuck Perkins, a local spoken word and musical icon will open  the show and inspire us as we dig into the new year.
  • will challenge Maryann Miller, from the Preservation Resource Center,  Jack Stewart, an Urban Planner and General Contractor who specializes in restoring old buildings, and Yvonne Landry, former President of the Freret Business and Property Owner’s Association, Yvonne Landry to come up with effective ways to put at risk homes to use other than rubble.
  • Valerie Robinson and Beryl Ragas, President of the Algiers Riverview Association will be in the studio to share with us the new housing program that gives Algiers residents a new “lease on life” as they aim to restore their blighted properties.
  • Aretha Frison from Neighborhoods Partnership Network will give us our Trumpet Tidbits today on the possible Orleans Parish Prison expansion.

You can listen to the show by clicking on the links below:

January 21, 2010 – Part 1

January 21, 2010 – Part 2

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