November 12, 2010

Topics for this show include:

  • Aaron Viles the Campaign Director for the Gulf Coast Restoration Network will talk about President Obama’s Gulf Coast Restoration Task Force meeting and how he plans to restore the region’s ecosystem after the BP Oil Spill.
  • Joe Baker the Executive Director of Longue Vue House and Gardens along with Artist, Brandon Anschultz will tell us more about Longue Vue’s new exhibit, full of shredded paintings, altering canvases and stacking works on furniture called,  ”Stick Around for Joy.”
  • Dan Cameron the Founder and Curator for Prospect New Orleans will tell us what we can expect from Prospect New Orleans’ Prospect 1.5, a citywide art exhibit that helps the city by showcasing national and international contemporary art in local galleries.
  • And to close the show, we will have our Trumpet Tidbits from Timolynn Sams, the Executive Director for Neighborhoods Partnership Network.

You can listen to the show by clicking on the links below:

November 12, 2010 – Part 1
November 12, 2010 – Part 2

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