February 17, 2011

Topics for this show include:

  • Host, Jeanne Nathan along with Katie Gunnell, the Director of Film in the Mayor’s office begin the show talking about how the film industry has helped Louisiana’s economy.
  • Ashley Charbonette from NOVAC will also join the conversation telling us about NOVAC’s programs and how residents can begin a career in film.
  • Hamp Overton, a Professor of Film and Director of Internships at The University of New Orleans will also tell us about his students are learning and how they begin their careers post-graduation.
  • Kristian Hansan, a local filmmaker from Tungsten Monkey will tell us why he came to New Orleans to launch his own production company.
  • Jolene Pinder from the  New Orleans Film Society along with Luliana Mars, from The Porch will tell us about a new film screening at The Porch,  “The Order of the Myths”
  • Aretha Frison from Neighborhoods Partnership Network will wrap up the show with her Trumpet Tidbits.

You can listen to the show by clicking on the link below:

February 17, 2011

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