August 4


Topics for this show include:

  • Iron your linens, bleach your whites, and join host Jeanne Nathan for a special Whitney White Linen Night edition of Crosstown Conversations. Hear about the city’s premiere event attended by more art lovers–not to mention party people–than any other arts event in the city.
  • First up is Julia Street gallery owner Jean Bragg (Jean Bragg Gallery), giving us a rundown on economic and artistic development in the area, and the exciting shows she has up at her gallery.
  •  Myesha Francis, owner of M Francis Gallery, the first gallery owned by an African-American on Julia Street joins us next.
  • Emerging artist Sophie Lvoff stops by to talk about her show at Julia Street’s Arthur Roger Gallery.
  • CAC special events assistant Mary Petro gives us a heads up on what the CAC has planned for Saturday. Ursula Price of the Independent Police Monitor joins us for Trumpet Tidbits.

You can listen to the show by clicking on the link below:

August 4

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