November 10

Topics for this show include:

  •  Dr. Dale Sandler, who is leading the study joins host Jeanne Nathan to discuss the Gulf Study,  a health study for individuals who helped with the oil spill clean up, took training, signed up to work, or were sent to the Gulf to help in some way after the Deepwater Horizon disaster. (If you would like to be a part of this study, please call 855-644-4853.)
  • Emily Remington and Deb Vaughn with the Cowen Institute for public education initiatives update us on the efforts to improve our children’s education.
  • Lastly, Bill Detweiler  joins the show to put the veterans back in Veteran’s day and lets us know how we can honor the men and women who have defended our country.
  • Listen by clicking on the link:  November 10

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