December 15

Topics for this show include:

• Host Jeanne Nathan starts the show off with an editorial and  diloque with Dr. Sheldon Danzinger from the University of Michigan regarding harsh economic times and what’s next for the “Occupy” movement protestors across the country.

• NPN’s Timolynn Sams also joins the conversation to discuss the local impact this movement has on New Orleans.

Dr. Sarah Hollis, head of museum studies at SUNO and Haitian artist, Ulrick Jean Pierre  discuss an important visual art exhibit  debuting at Le Musee de Free People of Color on Esplanade Avenue.

•Eric Keisewetter, Founder and Director of Constance  introduce listeners to the Avant Garden Art Sale, a perfect place to find unique holiday gifts.

•Also,  The Arts Council of New Orleans’  Arts Market Manager Mia Volkomer,  talks about another great opportunity to purchase art at the upcoming Art Market at Palmer Park.

• Chef Chris from Catering D’Orleans closes the program with holiday recipes for all! Listen by clicking on the link: December 15

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