February 16

Topics for this show include:

• Host Jeanne Nathan speaks with Zulu’s new queen, Dr. Tanyanika Phillips and former Iris queen Dian Winningder as they share their experiences, honors, and love of what Mardi Gras means to us all in New Orleans.

• Dr. Vera Triplett , Chief Executive Officer of the Capital One New Beginnings Charter School Network, issues a warning about budget cuts to our local mental health industry and issues an invitation to upcoming Top Chef NOLA fundraiser.

• Fashionista Janelle Varnado talks about dressing up on Mardi Gras Day and Jonathan Lindquist of Global Green focuses on the green part of the purple, green and gold.

• Local poet extraordinaire, Chuck Perkins, closes the show! 

Listen by clicking on the link: February 16

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