March 8

Topics for this show include:

  • The most entrepreneurial week of the year is upon us, and this year the Creative Alliance of New Orleans, (CANO) is working to make sure the city’s creative artists and producers are part of the scene. First, Krista DeCastro with the New York based Creative Capital, and Tori Bushfrom CANO talk about the workshop on business development for creatives being presented here in New Orleans in conjunction with the Creative Alliance.
  • Tim Williamson,The Idea Village CEO, and Victoria Adams, Program Manager, will talk about the big New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week, and about the digital workshop on Tuesday, followed by the CAN Opener, a lunch get-together for digital and creative professionals in the city.
  • Steve Picou talks about a water management initiative of Idea Village, and Grants Manager Joycelyn Reynolds with the Arts Council of New Orleans alerts us to new community arts grants. Jonathan Lindquist from NOLA Wise gives us fair warning as the contest for $10,000 of energy home improvements wraps up next week. Own the Crescent Partner New Orleans Neighborhood Development Collaborative (NONDC) will invite all to a great affordable housing fair this coming weekend too.
Missed the show? Click on the link to listen: March 8

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