August 9 2012

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Summer is coming to an end and kids are headed back to school. John Mcdonogh 9th grade principal Dr. Marvin Thompson shares his excitement for a prosperous school year through the efforts of Steve Barr’s Future Is Now non-profit organization. Barr also joins the conversation. RSD Superintendent Dr. Patrick Dobard opens the year in a very different school system with encouraging words. Gene Meneray of the Arts Council invited all to Dirty Linen Night this Saturday in the French Quarters. Two local comedians, Jackie Jenkins Jr and Frank White, remember their good and bad school ‘daze’.


Guests Include:

Dr. Patrick Dobard
Superintendent, Recovery School District

Dr. Marvin Thompson
Principal, John Mcdonogh High School

Steve Barr
CEO, Future Is Now Schools

Gene Meneray
Arts Business Director, Arts Council of New Orleans

Jackie Jenkins Jr.

Alfred “Frank” White

One comment

  1. Thats cool that our Principal was on a radio letting the people know that the ‘MAC is BACK’.

    -Former Student Tyronn Wooden

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