String Theory visits Crosstown Conversations

With Fall fast approaching, we sat down last week to talk upcoming fashion trends with the mother-daughter team behind String Theory Jewelry. Below, find their bio as well as links to their work:

10472772_352168328265949_2880582001249834808_nAmanda Wells is the wife of a wonderful musician whose three daughters grew up to be musicians as well. Being the only person in the family to not actually play music, she decided to direct her creative efforts toward something music-related that could also put her own talents and interests to work. She began toying with a set of her husband’s guitar strings one April morning, turned it into a gorgeous bracelet, and a buzz began circulating all over Facebook once she posted photos of her new hobby.

Needless to say, that hobby very quickly turned into a business venture that has grown tremendously ever since.

By August of 2013, the business had grown so much that Amanda could no longer do it alone. Her middle daughter, Hillary Wells, left her job at an advertising firm to pursue the entrepreneurial dream alongside hermom. Hillary now designs, creates, and markets full time for String Theory Jewelry, while also balancing her career as the marketing director of her Metairie-based advertising firm, Ad Captandum.


Together, Amanda and Hillary have created a stunning line of embellished bracelets and rings that combine musical flavor with feminine boutique style.

For more information about String Theory visit the duo on Facebook.

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