Advertising on Crosstown Conversations

30 second spot $50.00*       60 second spot $60.00*

*Non profit organizations are eligible for a 10% discount on any level of advertising

Radio Show + Jeanne Nathan’s E-Newsletter, N.E.W.S.

Combined, discounted rates are available for ads appearing on both Crosstown Conversations and in N.E.W.S.  N.E.W.S. is an online newsletter circulated to roughly 10,000 people monthly. Its subjects are similar to those on Crosstown Conversations, in print format. An ad of the underwriter’s design will appear in the sidebar of N.E.W.S.

Combined rates are as follows:

  • 30 second spot + quarter page, 1 month in N.E.W.S. : $75
  • 60 second spot + quarter page, 1 month in N.E.W.S. :$85 
  • 30 second spot + Banner AD in N.E.W.S. : $85 
  • 60 second spot + Banner AD in N.E.W.S. : $95 



Any person or organization can provide sponsorship for Crosstown Conversations. Sponsorship includes announcement of sponsorship in the beginning of the show, messages from sponsoring organization during the show, and special thanks at the end of the show, as well as occasional appearances on the show. This is an excellent marketing and public relations opportunity for anyone trying to make an impact on local residents and organizations. In addition, sponsors are mentioned in N.E.W.S. feature stories and logo ad placement in the sidebar. Please ask us about sponsorship rates.


Existing Marketing Efforts:

  • 15 promotional spots are currently being run throughout the week on WBOK.
  • Show producers use social media outlets to promote guests and topics. These outlets include Facebook and Twitter.
  • Creative Industry sends announcements regarding the show’s content to an extensive list of relevant media outlets, organizations, and individuals twice prior to airtime.
  • Guests of the show gain promotional value via appearances on the show.
  • All shows can be streamed LIVE at, archived weekly on our website:, and available for listening anytime, thus gaining an even wider audience than our local listeners.